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How to know your hiking level?

On your first outing with Wolves clan, it is sometimes difficult to know which level to choose. That’s why we have developed a simple test, guiding you to the hiking level that’s most suits you.
Please note that this is not a scientific test and we are always available to answer your questions in person in case of doubt.

1- How many hiking trips have you done during the last year?
A) Less than 10 (1 point)
B) Between 10 and 25 (2 points)
C) More than 25 (3 points)

2- Do you like physical challenges?
A) The more intense the better (3 points)
B) In moderation (2 points)
C) This is not what I'm looking for (1 point)

3- Do you like having a lot of break times to rest and to take photos?
A) Yes (1 point)
B) A little (2 points)
C) No (3 points)

4- Do you like steep climbs and rocky?
A) A little (1 point)
B) Many (2 points)
C) A lot (3 points)

5- You enjoy Hiking for its physical training benefit?
A) Yes (3 points)
B) No (1 point)
C) Sometimes (2 points)

6- I would qualify my walking rhythm in the mountains:
A) Average but constant (2 points)
B) Fast (3 points)
C) Contemplative (1 point)

7- I like hiking in the mountains to spend time in nature but also for:
A) Relax (1 point)
B) Escape from the city (2 points)
C) Raise a cardiovascular sports challenge in mountains (3 points)

8- You do not often hike but you do other activities like cycling, jogging or training?
A) Never (1 point)
B) Occasionally (2 points)
C) Regularly (3 points)

9- You walk usually on land?
A) Flat (1 point)
B) Hilly (2 points)
C) Mountainous (3 points)

10- You have 6 walking hours to do in the mountains, you enjoy doing:
A) Less than 10 km (1 point)
B) 10 to 15 km (2 points)
C) 15 km and more (3 points)

Now that you have answered all the questions, count the points you've accumulated:

If you scored between 10 and 16: your level is easy to moderate
If you scored between 17 and 24: your level is moderate to difficult
If you scored between 25 and 30: your level is difficult to very difficult

What are the hike Levels?

The following are a general guideline of hiking levels to express the difficulty level (1 the easiest, 10 the hardest) and recommendations for our hikes. These strenuous levels are based on a combination of distance, altitude gain, rock scrambling/stream crossings (if any), animal/young hiker safety, terrain type, and the overall difficulty of the trail as previously experienced by our hike leads. Please note that each hike is different and may require a few extra notes as expressed by the designated hike lead.
Level 1: Beginner – The easiest type of hike you can get with no real inclines. Stroll in the park. First Timers, Beginners, Most Kids, Most Teens, Dogs, Water Required.
Level 2: Beginner – Next level with some simple inclines.
First Timers, Beginners, Most Kids, Most Teens, Dogs, Water Required.
Level 3: Beginner – Hikes with some basic experience, experience gain. First Timers, Beginners, Some Kids, Most Teens, Dogs, Water Required.
Level 4: Moderate – Good inclines with some stress on further distance. No Beginners, No Kids, Most Teens, Dogs, Water Required.
Level 5: Moderate – Inclines start to get more intense. Gain and distance goes up. No Beginners, No Kids, Some Teens, Dogs, Hiking Footwear Recommended, Water Required.
Level 6: Moderate – Simple switchbacks and distance increase. Endurance and Stamina required. No Beginners, Adults Only, Some Dogs, Hiking Equipment Required, Hiking Footwear Recommended, Water Required.
Level 7: Moderate – Expect some long inclines or switchbacks. Gain and distance increases. Long hours. No Beginners, Adults Only, Experienced Hikers Only, No Dogs, Hiking Equipment/Footwear Required, Water Required.
Level 8: Advanced – Intro to Advanced here. Distance hikes and more than moderate experience required. May Last all day. No Beginners, Adults Only, Experienced Hikers Only, No Dogs, Advanced Hiking Equipment/Footwear Required, Water Required.
Level 9: Advanced – Long distance hikes which may take more than 6 hours with great gain. May last all day. No Beginners, Adults Only, Experienced Hikers Only, No Dogs, Advanced Hiking Equipment/Footwear Required, Water Required.
Level 10: Advanced – Longest hikes and/or greatest gain/inclines through out the hike. May last all day. No Beginners, Adults Only, Experienced Hikers Only, No Dogs, Advanced Hiking Equipment/Footwear Required, Water Required.

Need a reason to take a hike?

Here's 9 good reasons to hit the trail for the health of it!
• Promotes weight loss.
• Prevents heart disease.
• Decreases high blood pressure.
• Improves & maintains mental health.
• Slows the aging process.
• Prevents osteoporosis.
• Prevents and controls diabetes.
• Improves arthritis.
• Relieves back pain.

What to wear for hiking?

To be comfortable while walking, the hikers wear:
• Hiking shoes or solid boots.
• Comfortable pants or shorts.
• A pair of UV sunglasses.
• A hat with side protection will provide sun protection from all angles.
• A dry polo shirt will provide sun protection to the neck.

What to put in your backpack?

Prepare your backpack one night before the hike. To be well equipped, the hikers need:
• An identity card.
• A water gourd.
• A hat to avoid sunburn.
• A pair of sunglasses.
• A sunscreen.
• A warm sweat-shirt, windbreaker or raincoat.
• A good snack.
• A torch.
• A small knife.
• A garbage bag.
• A lighter.

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How to avoid discomfort in walking?

To avoid discomfort during walking, we advise hikers to:
• Be in a good physical condition.
• Take a good breakfast, no empty stomach and bring energetic healthy snacks.
• Choose a good pair of socks.
• Put a plaster on the bulb.
• Put talcum into the shoes, it sucks the moisture.

How to choose the hiking shoes?

For new hiking shoes, you have to:
• Choose comfortable boots (seek assistance from the store, concerning every boot system).
• We often recommend adding a half size because the foot swells in the late afternoon or hiking, even if more in width than length.
• The nail of the big toe should not touch the tip of the shoe; the foot should not slide forward into position down, do the test on an inclined plane!
• Make the dressing with an adapted hiking sock and especially take your time.

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How to maintain your hiking shoes?

• It should be brushed regularly and wash the outside with hot soapy water when necessary.
• Do not dry in direct sunlight or near hot sources.
• It is good to aerate shoes after each season of use.
• The use of grease is not recommended because it closes leather pores and moisture of the foot is no longer possible.

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How socks are chosen?

The socks have an important role. They serve to wick away perspiration, absorb shock and keep your feet warm. They also help you adjust your footwear walking boots: wear thick socks or two pairs if they are a little big.
Draining socks: a lightweight pair first layer wicks moisture and helps prevent blisters. Fine wool or polypropylene, it reduces the risk of irritation.
Winter socks: They are a blend of wool and nylon.
Wool, soft and drainage. Nylon extends the life of socks.
Three seasons Socks: Studied for hiking, they are thicker. Many hikers use them even in summer because they are softer and limit blisters.


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